Les affiches anciennes de Genève


Historical Posters of Geneva

The city of Geneva is the southwestern corner of Switzerland surrounded geographically almost by all sides from France. The water element prevails at this city, since it is situated along the banks of the Leman Lake (the largest lake in Europe) and at the mouth of Rhone River. However, Geneva is bordered also by mountains, at its west side are distinguished the Jura Mountains while at its western part, stand out the French Alps.

Genève à St. Gervais les Bains & Chamonix, les Express Genève

1885 circa – ANONYMOUS

Genève, Excursions

1899 – Louis DUNKI

CHF 2860.–

Genève, Concours International de Musique 1909

1909 – C. CUENOD

CHF 5470.–

The cathedral church of Saint Pierre also testifies the city’s historical patrimony. It is perceived as the birthplace of the schism from the Roman Catholic Church initiated by Martin Luther and continued by John Calvin. In that way, Geneva became a refuge for persecuted Protestants around the world and was perceived as a “Protestant Rome”.

Schweizerische Landesausstellung, Genf

1896 – Emile Auguste PINCHART

CHF 1770.–

Genève, Jubilé de l'Université 1559-1909

1909 – Henry VAN MUYDEN

CHF 1430.–

Musée d'art et d'Histoire, Exposition du 4e centenaire de l'Université


CHF 380.–

Mont-Blanc posters of Geneva

Geneva also encompasses a tourist patrimony since, over the years, it considered as a tourist attraction. Surrounded by mountains Geneva serves as a crossroad to visit Chamonix and the Mont Blanc Mountain.

Genève et le Mont-Blanc, horaire d'été 1891


CHF 2950.–

Genève et le Mont-Blanc

1908 circa – Edmond VIOLLIER


Water fountain posters of Geneva

Flower festival of Geneva

Geneva Festival

The Escalade Event in Geneva

The Saleve mount above Geneva

The city’s historical and architectural – urban patrimony is unveiled by the architectural contribution of Braillard Maurice. His most famous modern constructions in Geneva are the Cable Car of Salève, la Maison Ronde, and the Ecole de Mies.

Genève, Le Salève

1932 – Henry REB

CHF 11850.–

Genève, Le téléphérique du Salève

1935 circa – ANONYMOUS

CHF 970.–

Exposition Maurice Braillard, Musée Rath, Genève

1993 – Henry REB


Jaques-Dalcroze, Rousseau

Cultural posters of Geneva

Geneva and the international politics

Moreover, Geneva is recognized not only for the maintenance of its social ties with neighbor France, but also for its long standing private banking tradition and its international entrepreneurial mindset. From a political point of view, Geneva hosts numerous well – known international organizations, such as the United Nations formerly coined as League of Nations (Société des Nations) aiming at securing peace and cooperation among the nations after WWI & WWII.

Peuple Suisse pour travailler avec eux, entre dans la Société des Nations, c'est ton devoir!

1920 – Jules COURVOISIER

CHF 1140.–

Oui pour la Société des Nations

1920 – Emil CARDINAUX


Local politics of Geneva

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