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We'll be happy to give you free advice verbally. However, some of the work described below may be subject to a charge, depending on its complexity.
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Wondering if your poster is original ?

On presentation of your poster at the gallery, we will be happy to give you verbally our opinion on its authenticity, free of charge.

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Would you like a certificate of authenticity ?

We can issue a certificate of authenticity on presentation of your poster.

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Do you need an appraisal ?

For an estate, to insure your collection, in the event of a claim or for legal purposes, our written appraisals are subject to a fee.

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Would you like to have your posters photographed ?

We take high-resolution photographs of your documents in our studio and work on them with Photoshop to obtain the most accurate colours.

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Our restoration workshop is at your disposal.

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Want to start a new collection of vintage posters ?

We'll be happy to advise you if you need help to start collecting or to care for an existing collection.

Are you writing a book, biography or article ?

Our archive, which began in 1977, is one of the oldest in the original poster market, with around 16,000 digitised posters and 12,000 analogue photos.
Our database can be searched by artist, date, brand, keyword, etc.
All these images are available to researchers and authors.
For publications of our images, a modest contribution to our costs will be negotiated.

Wondering why the gallery's collection contains posters with controversial subjects?

Galerie 1 2 3 specialises in original vintage posters from all periods and on a wide range of subjects. Our approach is not political, but strictly based on preserving the heritage of vintage posters, focusing on their artistic, cultural, sociological and historical interest - regardless of the message conveyed by particular posters.
The regimes that have attempted to censor works of art generally belong to the worst forms of extremism. For this reason, we consider it fundamental to show all aspects of a subject in order to better understand how posters have reflected changes in society at a given time.