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«Nyon en affiches», guided tour by Jean-Daniel Clerc

The founder and director
of Galerie 1 2 3 was invited to
the Château de Nyon
for a guided tour of
the exhibition «Nyon en Affiches».


A large number of poster lovers attended a guided tour of the «Nyon en Affiches» exhibition at the Château de Nyon, led by Jean-Daniel Clerc, founder and director of Galerie 1 2 3. Over the years, the Geneva-based gallery has helped to develop the poster collection of the Château de Nyon.


During the guided tour on Thursday 23 November, the vintage poster expert gave a detailed account of the origins of the most interesting works, highlighting the economic and entrepreneurial dynamism of businesses in the Nyon region, from Centaure and Sans-Tort (sic!) aperitifs to La Chinoise pasta and Mühlethaler perfumes. Visitors will also have learned a wealth of information about the printers of the Lake Geneva region and their printing techniques, in particular lithography, as well as the sometimes intricate paths that experts have to take to date certain vintage posters.


The «Nyon en Affiches» exhibition runs until 7 January 2024 at the Château de Nyon.

Exhibition "Le téléphérique"

We were delighted to be able to take part in the "Le téléphérique" exhibition in the magical setting of the API ecomuseum (Association pour le patrimoine industriel, Geneva) featuring a selection of our posters on the Salève cable car.

APIAffichetelefericProlongation copy.jpg

The "Le téléphérique" exhibition features new pieces and archives: a winter version of Ensemble BATIDA's creation, objects made by the API team and rare posters from Galerie 1 2 3.

Genève, Le Salève

1932 – Henry REB

CHF 11850.–

Original vintage poster by Henry Reb for the opening of the Salève cable car in August 1932.

Cette exposition montre les dessins de préparations et les plans de l'architecte Maurice Braillard pour le téléphérique du Salève, ainsi que des dessins de créations de meubles. Créations recrées en 3D par l'API au sein de leur locaux-même!




9 JUNE 2023 TO 7 JANUARY 2024

Exhibition of posters from the Nyon region, at the Château de Nyon.

"La Chinoise", "Vitavin" and "Merfen" are well-known advertising brands in the Lake Geneva region; "Mühlethaler" perfumes and "Le Centaure" tonic probably less so.

Pâtes La Chinoise, Nyon

1960 circa – Pierre DUVERNAY


Merfen, gegen Schnupfen, Nasentropfen

1936 circa – ANONYMOUS

CHF 720.–

VITAVIN, apéritif à base de plantes et de vins, Nyon

1930 circa – ANONYMOUS

CHF 1160.–

Featuring a series of posters from the Château de Nyon collections spanning the 20th century, a new temporary exhibition introduces visitors to various aspects of the town's cultural, industrial and tourist activities. The region is also featured, with excursions to Saint-Cergue, Rolle and its "Grapillon" grape juice, Aubonne, Morges and its "Stimulant" aperitif.

Grapillon, Le pur jus de raisin


CHF 560.–

Le Stimulant, Apéritif vin et quinquina

1910 circa – ANONYMOUS


Voelter ameublements, Nyon

1935 circa – Noel FONTANET

CHF 630.–

This true visual memory, rooted in local life, offers a wide range of styles from different eras, with graphic gems by Noël Fontanet, Henry-Claudius Forestier and François Jaques, among others. Historical notes and a number of objects complement the presentation, helping to put the festivals and industries of the time into context.

It is the first time that these fragile, large-format posters, collected over the last twenty-five years and sometimes surviving only in very rare or even unique copies, have been shown as a whole at the Château.

A book has been published about the exhibition.

Read JD Clerc's interview on this exhibition >

Un soir aux Eaux-Vives



Press release:

The Eaux-Vives neighbourhood abounds with high quality art exhibitions and creative workshops, some that are prestigious and internationally recognised. It is home to sometimes overlooked hidden treasures. “Un soir aux Eaux-Vives” is an invitation to art lovers, artists, to epicureans and to romantics, to come and spend a wonderful evening discovering the expose works and in some cases being lucky enough to meet the Artist himself.

Star Wars Original Posters, Exposition d'affiches originales, Galerie 1 2 3, Genève

2023 – Tim FISCHER


On this occasion, Galerie 1 2 3 presents a major retrospective on the posters of the STAR WARS saga.

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..."


The latest episode in the "Galerie 1 2 3" saga brings together for the first time in Switzerland an exceptional collection of original posters from the Star Wars films (1977-2019), as well as collectors' objects such as the Millenium Falcon, R2D2 and Darth Vader.

Galerie 1 2 3, which has one of the largest collections of original posters in the world, is putting the spotlight on the famous science fiction saga that has marked several generations throughout the month of June.

The preview will take place on 1 June at 6pm as part of Un Soir aux Eaux-Vives. Dress up in your Jedi costume and don't forget your lightsaber!

Galerie 1 2 3, 4 Rue des Eaux-Vives, Geneva

Expo Star Wars 1er juin 23 Palpatine et vitrine en pieds Photo Laetitia Lafrance.jpg

Olivier Lafrance dressed as Sheev Palpatine during the Star Wars Original Posters opening.

Expo Star Wars 1er juin 23 Palpatine et vitrine Photo Laetitia Lafrance.jpg

ALL THAT JAZZ!! - Un soir aux Eaux-Vives

JUNE 2nd 2022, 6PM - 10PM


Galerie 1 2 3 invites you to the opening of our next exhibition "All that Jazz!", as part of the fourth edition of "Un soir aux Eaux-Vives", an open evening of galleries and artists' studios in the Eaux-Vives.

From Miles Davis to Serge Gainsbourg, via Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington or Dizzy Gillespie, this unique exhibition will present each musician through an vintage poster and an original photographic proof by the Geneva photographer Dany Gignoux. With some live jazz by the TRIO MGS featuring Stéphane Métraux (tenor sax), Benoit Gauthier (double bass), Nelson Schaer (drums).

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