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Galerie 1 2 3 offers a very fine selection of original vintage posters, such as tourism, advertising, transportation (steam and motor ships, airlines, railways, cars), arts, entertainment and also many other subjects including sport and winter sports for sale. The Swiss school including photo-montage and Hyper-realism also represents a large part of the posters offering.


Jean-Daniel Clerc, a life of passion for the antique posters.

In April 1977, JD Clerc discovered 21 vintage posters under a wooden floor. They had been put under this parquet floor in the 1920s, as a simple insulating material.
These posters showed a "Renault grand sport" in full speed. The beauty of the image, the quality of the colours and of the lithographic printing amazed him.
He still treasure a copy in his private collection, which we are pleased to present to you today.


This event was the beginning of a passion that changed his professional path. After a master degree in French literature, he started collecting antique posters, selling them at the Geneva flea market. he then met a few "pioneering" collectors, as well as the first poster dealers in Paris and in New York. he opened Galerie 1 2 3 and participated in numerous exhibitions in Switzerland, USA, Singapore and London.

After 44 years of passion and challenges, he is very proud of playing a part in the conservation of this historical and artistic heritage that so magnificently illustrates the last 150 years.

the collection

Galerie 1 2 3 houses the finest collection of original posters for you. The collection includes the widest variety of vintage posters. They show most twentieth century activities such as industry, consumer goods, transportation or arts and entertainment and also many other subjects including sport and leisure activities.

We have major advertisement themes like travel, tourism, skiing or winter sport posters. Also product advertisements like drinks and food, or transportation posters like motor ships lines, aviation companies, the car industry, cycles and motorcycles and much more… The Swiss school including the photo-montage and Hyper-realism movements also represents a large part of the collection.

Original vintage posters are now prized for their high cultural inheritance and for their own artistic value. Original enamel signs, tins, cardboard signs, lithographed boxes, airline model planes are also welcome in our gallery.