(1875 – 1942)

Leonetto Cappiello became renowned during the poster boom period in the early 20th century. He transcended the poster from the street to the level of fine Art. He collaborated with the journal “Frou-Frou”, for which he created his first poster in 1901.

In 1903 he designed his poster for ‘Chocolat Klaus’ which depicts a woman dressed in green rides a red horse at a unified a black background. The text ‘Chocolat Klaus’ stands out in bright yellow. The impact of this poster was immediate – clients asked for the chocolates ‘with the red horse’. This was the beginning of modern publicity and the comprehension of its techniques.

By transgressing the artistic traditions of the Belle époque, he liberated the poster from its constraints and declared the arrival of a totally new direction that would transform graphic art during the 20th century.
Cappiello’s method was based on the visual surprise: the poster’s image visually leaps out and easily attracts the attention of passersby. He used characters, animals, clowns or masked faces contrasted in a colorful or black background to sell many products. Often the chosen figure was not related with the product. His style was to use a strong starting concept, together with dominant lines, curves and intense colors.

From 1901 to 1939, Cappiello produced nearly 550 posters for French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Swiss companies, which have became mythical in poster history.

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Le passé de la comédie française

circa 1900

CHF 375.–

Paquet Pernot, Pratique, Avantageux, Conservation assurée, Biscuits Pernot


CHF 5200.–

Biscuiterie Union dans toutes les bonnes épiceries - Produit de suralimentation

circa 1906

CHF 1480.–

Angelus, Liqueur des Salésiens de Dom Bosco


CHF 630.–

Cognac Pellisson, Père & Co


CHF 2250.–

Cognac Pellisson Père & Co.


CHF 990.–


circa 1910

CHF 120.–

Biscotines Union

circa 1910

CHF 1400.–

Société française de munitions de chasse, de tir et de guerre

circa 1912

CHF 960.–

Je ne fume que le Nil, papier à cigarettes


CHF 3360.–

Agua de Vilajuiga


CHF 1620.–

Le fumeur avisé ne fume que le Nil

circa 1915

CHF 90.–

Les pansements "La Croix-Soleil"


CHF 770.–

Champagne de Castellane, Epernay

circa 1920

CHF 95.–

Le Nil, Je ne fume que le Nil, papiers à cigarettes

circa 1920

CHF 190.–

Chocolat Klaus, Bouchées assorties

circa 1920

CHF 330.–

Chocolat Klaus

circa 1920

CHF 330.–

Campari Cordial liquor

circa 1920

CHF 1820.–

Je ne fume que le Nil

circa 1920

CHF 100.–

Cinzano, le meilleur apéritif

circa 1920

CHF 375.–

Campari. Bitter Campari 1921, Orange peel


CHF 6850.–

Campari, Bitter Campari, the large Orange Peel (Jester)


CHF 9700.–

Crémant du Roi, Veuve Amiot, grands vins mousseux


CHF 3930.–

Contratto champagne


CHF 4200.–

Vodka Relsky

circa 1925

CHF 1970.–

Contratto, Cannelli, vermouth


CHF 390.–

Vodka Relsky

circa 1925

CHF 2960.–

Le Thermogène combat toux, grippe, douleurs rhumatismales

circa 1925

CHF 90.–

Vodka Relsky

circa 1925

CHF 1270.–

Cognac Monnet


CHF 6950.–

Parapluie Revel


CHF 215.–

Le bas Revel, Lyon


CHF 2500.–

Baudin, la cuisinière des cuisinières


CHF 1770.–

L'Oie d'Or, La reine des crèmes de foie gras


CHF 5800.–



CHF 1220.–

Chapeaux Mossant


CHF 3300.–

Conserves Barbier Dauphin


CHF 1200.–

Le fusil Darne


CHF 1260.–

Le Thermogène engendre la chaleur

circa 1949

CHF 770.–

Le thermogène engendre la chaleur et combat: toux et rhumatismes, 1949 late autorized edition


CHF 850.–

Liquor Relsky

circa 1950

CHF 140.–

Vermouth Martini, second authorized edition

circa 1957

CHF 1220.–