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Butterfield Blues Band, Charles Lloyd Quartet, Ultimate Spinach

1968 – Jack Hatfield, Louis Sozzi

CHF 60.–

Charles Lloyd Quartet, Herd, James Cotton Blues Band, Jeff Beck Group, Mint Tattoo, Moby Grape

1968 – Lee Conklin

CHF 65.–

Ten Years After, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Butterfield Blues Band, It's a Beautiful Day, Steppenwolf, Truth

1968 – Lee Conklin

CHF 80.–

Chicago Transit Authority, Frumious Bandersnatch, Moody Blues

1968 – Rick GRIFFIN, Alton Kelley

CHF 55.–

Santana, Butterfield Blues Band, Canned Heat, Hello People, Initial Shock, Iron Butterfly,

1968 – Lee Conklin

CHF 70.–

The Doors, Grateful Dead, Junior Wells Chicago Blues Band

1969 – Wes WILSON

CHF 80.–

Ike and Tina Turner, Blue Cheer, Buddy Guy, Electric Flag, Freddie King

1969 – Lee Conklin

CHF 70.–

Procol Harum, Blues Image, Buddy Miles Express,

1969 – Greg Irons

CHF 95.–

Unique concert de blues gospels jazz, Par les vedettes de Black Nativity, Les Jubilations Singers

circa 1970 – Roger BORNAND

CHF 240.–

Gabrielle d’Estrées

1971 – Gérald MINKOFF

CHF 370.–

The Legendary John Mayall and the USA union band, Guests: Randall's Island

circa 1975 – Günther KIESER

CHF 740.–

Jazz Blues Fusion, The John Mayall Group

circa 1975 – Günther KIESER

CHF 570.–

Chicago Blues Festival


CHF 320.–

Levi's, The Original Blue Jeans

circa 1980 – ANONYMOUS

CHF 330.–

Blue China, Palladium

1982 – Gérald POUSSIN

CHF 350.–

Blue China, Carouge

1983 – P. FLUME

CHF 400.–

Blau Gelb Rot

1991 – Hans KNUCHEL

CHF 540.–

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