Alberto Giacometti, Galerie Patrick Cramer – Vintage poster – Alberto GIACOMETTI – 1986

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Original vintage poster Alberto Giacometti, Galerie Patrick Cramer



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Exhibition of drawings and prints by Alberto Giacometti at the Galerie Kramer, Geneva in 1986.

Here we can see the portrait of his brother Diego, probably dating from 1964.

Free of any emotion or expression, Giacometti's portraits are the receptacle of what the viewer brings to them. For the artist, it is a question of capturing and rendering the model's quivering life and not the psychology. His favourite models are those who live next to him: Annette, his wife and Diego, his brother.
Giacometti worked on his portraits either from memory, where he would bring out their image within an imaginary space, or from the model. He refuses the classical perspective in order to render the model posing as he sees him/her, in his/her fragmented or distorted, ever-changing aspect. Their distinctive features dissolve and sometimes merge, or are reduced to the essential.


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