Peace, Make Love not War – Vintage poster – William WEEGE – 1970 Sold

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Vintage poster Peace, Make Love not War

William WEEGE

circa 1970

Second edition circa 1970

Image created in 1967 by William Weege. A pacifist poster during the Vietnam war.

"Poster has a collage with a photographic image of Charlie Chaplin dressed as a soldier at center. Chaplin is holding a rifle with bayonet over his right shoulder and he has various household items such as: a teapot, a grater, and a mouse trap clipped to his belt and pack. The tip of the bayonet is piercing a heart at the center of a disk with the text:"Make Love* / Not War". Just behind Chaplin at the top of the poster is a labeled drawing or diagram of the human cardio-vascular system. Below Chaplin's feet is a drawing or geographic diagram of hills or mountains with a cross-section into the earth, there is a scale at right and the text: "View From The Southeast." across the bottom. Bounding these images on either side of the poster is a column of black stars. The bottom of the poster has the text: *Peace*" (Réf: Museum Oakland Museum)

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