Jean-Jacques MENNET

(1889 – 1969)

Painter, decorator, illustrator, graphic artist and professor at the Ecole Cantonal des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne. Born in Geneva, Jean Jacques Mennet spent his childhood in Paris, followed courses at the Julian Academy in that city and continued his studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Geneva. His frequent trips between these two cities would directly influence his artistic development. Only 15 or so of his extremely rare works have survived in museums and collections.
From 1928 to 1931, inspired by Paul Colin and Cubism, J.J. Mennet designed a series of posters, for the 'Bals l'arc en ciel' at the Lausanne palace. The cubist structuring of the black musician and his instruments, on the 1929 poster, is a perfect illustration of the jazz rhythm which became very popular in Europe. The appearance of a mask on several of his posters is reminiscent of the Basel Carnaval. Other posters are influenced by the work of his friend Charles Loupot during his Swiss period, who he greatly admired, (Maison du Tricot, A la Belle Montre, Favre Electricité).
His poster for the 'Salon de l'oeuvre 1930 à la Chaux de Fonds,' which combined the shape of the flower, (symbol of artistic creation) with industrial images, is very similar to the poster for 'l'Exposition International des Arts Decoratifs Paris 1925' by the same Charles Loupot.
Finally, the Art Deco style which was all the rage in the 1920's is found again, for example in his poster for the 'Rue du Rhone' store, or in the l'Exposition à la Grenette' and the 'National Austrellung, Genève'.
Both Charles Loupot and Jean Jacques Mennet were similar in that, in each of their respective posters they worked hard to integrate the typography into the style and chosen colors.

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Bal arc en Ciel, Lausanne Palace


CHF 3650.–

Exposition de la section vaudoise de la société suisse des peintres, sculpteurs et architectes, à la Grenette


CHF 1820.–

Bal arc en Ciel, Lausanne Palace, Carnaval Romantique


CHF 2920.–


Nationale Ausstellung Freie und Angewandte Kunst, Genève

circa 1930

CHF 2240.–

Bal arc en Ciel, Lausanne Palace


CHF 3240.–

Hier les bon apôtres, Demain? Plus de politique à deux visages, Votez Liberal


CHF 940.–