Artistic Screening, EPFL – Vintage poster – David RUST, Werner STEINER, Yashka STEINER – 1995

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Vintage poster Artistic Screening, EPFL

David RUST Werner STEINER (photographer) Yashka STEINER


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"Artistic screening is a new image reproduction technique incorporating freely created artistic screen element shapes for generating halftones. This new screening technique enables the shape of screen dots to be tuned according to the artist's intention. By creating artistic screens which may take any desired shapes, screening effects, which up to now were considered to be undesirable, are turned to convey additional information for artistic purposes. Furthermore, screen elements may undergo smooth transformations in order to produce special effects.
Artists are free to design their own artistic screen elements. The ArtScreen™ software package developed at EPFL processes the artistic screen design as well as the original scanned image and produces the resulting halftone image. ArtScreen™ offers new opportunities to graphic designers. posters and graphic designs for advertising and publicity will benefit from the very large design capabilities of ArtScreen™"


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