Roman de Renard in 6 sheets – Vintage poster – Benjamin RABIER – 1910 Sold

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Lithograph Roman de Renard in 6 sheets

Benjamin RABIER

circa 1910

'The Adventures of the Fox'.

A superb set of 6 decorative panels in very good condition for collectors or the decoration of a children's room.

1- The Fox gets in the Wolf's house and steals his ham...Victory, the Wolf has to pay breakfast !...

2- You're the Master, you can take everything.

3- How the Fox took away the cat's tail...

4- The Wolf wants to catch a fish - The pond is frozen : the Wolf is trapped...

5- Death to the Fox, Sir of Maupertuis ! Your judges sent me...

6- Before dying, I ask for a last request ...

A series of 6 decorative panels by Benjamin Rabier "The adventures of the Fox", illustrating different scenes/episodes of a medieval story, entitled "The Fox Tale".

'The Fox Tale' is a collection of octosyllabic accounts written during the 12th century by different French authors including Pierre de St Cloud.

The work is made up of 27 independent episodes relating the adventures of Goupil (Fox - The hero of the Tale) and his rival Ysengrin, the Wolf. 'The Fox Tale' was a critique of medieval society under the guise of animal characters. It would give way to numerous adaptations and would inspire several illustrators such as Benjamin Rabier in 1909 for Tallandier editions.

The french illustrator Benjamin Rabier is celebrated by the brilliance of his animal drawings, his famous character Gédéon the duck, his illustrations of 'La Fontaine Fables' and also the "Laughing Cow" which still humours children and adults alike!

From 1916, Rabier turned towards publicity and cartoon art.


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