The painter Albert Maennchen (1873-1935), a Berlin specialist in decorative and monumental painting, played a decisive role in the conversion to a concert hall. Maennchen designed a figurative pictorial programme for the Hall of the Dome, consisting of a triptych with Cupid as the ruler of the world and six image with individual standing figures. The surfaces of the walls, pillars and ceilings of the nave and niches were painted in a finely defined colour scheme with ornamental fields, coloured areas and linear ornaments.
During the opening phase of the Konzerthaus, Maennchen also designed the advertising graphics for the Konzerthaus, including the Clou logo with the muse riding a bear, which was used on cards, advertising stamps and posters. The Konzerthaus Clou was the largest uniformly designed interior of late Art Nouveau Style.

Clou, Berliner Konzerthaus


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