René GRUAU (Renato Zavagli-Ricciardelli delle Caminate)

(1909 – 2004)

French-Italian illustrator, poster artist and painter, whose real name is Renato Zavagli-Ricciardelli delle Caminate, René Gruau is one of the favourite artists in the world of the "haute couture".
He published his first fashion drawings at the age of 15 in the Milanese magazine "Lidel".
In 1928, he began working for fashion magazines such as "Le Figaro" where he became friends with another young fashion designer, Christian Dior. His collaborations in the fashion world multiplied, he illustrated for "Vogue", "Marie-Claire" or "L'Officiel" and drew the designs for the fashion designers such as Fath, Givenchy or Balenciaga.
He worked closely with Dior from 1947 until the mid-1980s. Gruau was in charge of developing the design for the first Dior perfume "Miss Dior". Dior gave Gruau total artistic freedom to create his advertising campaigns.
Whether for fashion, perfumery or cosmetics, René Gruau is constantly reinventing the "élégance à la française".
He also produced several posters for legendary Parisian cabarets such as "Le Lido" or the "Moulin Rouge", as well as the famous poster for Fellini's film "La Dolce Vita" in 1959.
His posters often echoed both classical Japanese drawings and Toulouse-Lautrec's sketches.
His perfect mastery of the line aims to glorify the feminine figure. His work in the world of fashion and advertising has visually inspired several generations.

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Luis Mariano, la voix de son maître.

circa 1950

CHF 850.–

Annabelle, jetzt jeden zweiten Mittwoch Fr. 1.40


CHF 690.–

Fodere Bemberg, Occhio alla fodera !

circa 1980

CHF 930.–

Le style impeccable, Marcelle Griffon

circa 1985

CHF 500.–

Maserati, la tradizione italiana

circa 1985

CHF 650.–

Maserati, la tradizione italiana

circa 1985

CHF 650.–

Bal du Moulin Rouge Paris, Nouvelle revue. Formidable, la Revue du Centenaire avec Debbie et les Doriss Girls


CHF 980.–

L'Officiel Paris, Spécial collections Haute Couture - Yves Saint Laurent


CHF 1120.–

Madame Figaro, Les Nouvelles Bourgeoises sont arrivées..Spécial 10 ans, 384 pages, Numéro anniversaire


CHF 800.–

Exposition René Gruau, Toulouse


CHF 390.–

René Gruau Exhibition, Toulouse (France)


CHF 670.–

René Gruau, Disegni e affiches


CHF 370.–

Ortalion calze

circa 1995

CHF 870.–