(1864 – 1901)

His first poster for the Moulin Rouge in 1892, showing "La Goulue" dancing the French cancan was admired not only by the Parisian public but also by the artist Jules Cheret. Toulouse-Lautrec managed to create an overnight sensation. Via this first poster, he broke most of the existing aesthetic rules. He liberated structure, composition, use of light and even typography by repeating “Moulin Rouge” 3 times and using only one “M”. The silhouetted figure of Johnny “le desosse” (the contortionist), suggests a magic lantern and the beginnings of the cinema.
His 30 posters are all totally avant-garde and immediately recognizable. They constitute the absolute reference for graphic designers all over the world. His genius will always be unique, and his posters will never be equaled.

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Adolphe ou le jeune homme triste par Maurice Donnay, créé par Yvette Guilbert, Paul Dupont éditeur


CHF 1400.–

La revue blanche, bi-mensuelle, Paris


CHF 1850.–

Moulin Rouge

circa 1955

CHF 220.–