Helmaus, Zürich optisch – Affiche ancienne – Balz BAECHI – 1970

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Affiche ancienne originale Helmaus, Zürich optisch



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128 x 90 cm
50 x 35 inch

This poster of Balz Bächi is created for the Optic shop Helmhaus in Zurich.The artist, via this illustration, is inspired by the psychedelic movement. In order to advertize the name of the shop “Zurich Optisch” he uses a typography that evokes Art Nouveau nuances, feature applied at the psychedelic design.Bächi, intelligently creates an interplay with the main word “optisch”. By adding the prefix pan – optisch he refers to the panoptic effect of seeing all in a single view, while the prefix kin-optische could be associated with a kinetic view. He also adjusts to the word “optisch” the syllable “misti” creating, consequently, the full word of “optimistich” (optimist). These words are interlinked with the notions of psychedelic movement, which advocates the mental happiness provoked by the use of hallucinating drugs.The distorted form of the lion is also reminiscent of the traits of psychedelic art since it embraces all kind of curvilinear and distorted shapes.

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