Nord Express, Chemin de Fer du Nord, Compagnie des Wagons-Lits – Vintage poster – A.M. CASSANDRE – 1927 Sold

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Vintage poster Nord Express, Chemin de Fer du Nord, Compagnie des Wagons-Lits

A.M. CASSANDRE (Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron)


In 1927, the company of "Wagons-Lits" asked A.M. Cassandre to realise two posters for their night trains, the "Nord Express" and the "Etoile du Nord". On this occasion Cassandre created a pair of avant-gardist posters which rapidly became cubist icons of the 20th Century. These two posters build on perspectives are united by the name of the Railway companies as a frame. On the "Nord Express" the observers viewpoint, situated on the same level as the railway tracks, together with the overwhelming proportions of the huge locomotive wheels, expresses all the power of the machine. Also, the very unusual vanishing point at the corner of the image and the bundle of telegraph cables tipped up to the vertical and subtly detached from the sky by the inversion of the background colours, heighten once more this impression of speed and distance. Constructed in this way, the image, without being too contrived, becomes more dynamic.With one glance, the onlooker understands the message and is invited to far away travel in security and comfort. One of the chef d'oeuvre of A.M cassandre, rare and hightly collectible . . . . SOLD


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