Jean-Paul GOUDE


Jean-Paul Goude is a French graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and advertiser.
Born in Paris, he studied at the "Ecole des Arts Décoratifs" before becoming an illustrator. In 1968, the American magazine "Esquire" asked him to direct the special 75th anniversary edition of the publication. A few months later, he was appointed full-time artistic director of the magazine.
In 1977, he met Grace Jones who became his life partner. He created the visual signature of the pop singer and model, choreographed her live performances, directed her video clips and made her record covers.
In 1983, he published the book "Jungle Fever", an autobiographical exploration of his career, personal life and muses. This book is also a tribute to ethnic minorities, especially black women.
In his works, Goude manipulates forms and subverts physical boundaries using collages and image processing tools.
In 1989, the French government asked him to choreograph the July 14 parade on the Champs Elysées for the bicentenary of the French Revolution.
Citroën, Perrier, Kenzo, Kodak, Galeries Lafayette and especially Chanel perfumes (Egoïste, Coco, Chance Chanel) are among his most famous advertising campaigns.
With his post-modern creations, halfway between art and advertising, Jean-Paul Goude occupies an important place in contemporary art.

Coco, L'esprit de Chanel


CHF 1160.–

Chanel Chance, Eau fraiche


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