General Dynamics

The complete collection of 28 General Dynamics vintage posters.

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Fasten your seat belt

Since the first flight made by the Wright brothers in 1903, aviation has actively taken part in all the significant changes of the 20th century.

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Grand Prix

Support our team for 24 hours.
Hear the roar of engines in the Swiss Alps and the formula 1 tyre squeals in the streets of Monaco.

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If luxury cars make you dream...

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Salon de l'Automobile Genève

Geneva Motor Show

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Vintage Winter

Vintage Fashion and Products posters in winter

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Wintersport Switzerland

More than 160 skiing and winter Swiss posters, from 1900 to 2000.

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Wintersport Worldwide

100 skiing and winter posters from the French Alps and other.

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Ski Story

In 1877, 5 pairs of curved wooden planks were sent from Norway to the ‘Grand St. Bernard’ hospice.

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From 7 to 77 years old

Comic strip Artists advertise.

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The Olympic Spirit

In 1894 Pierre de Coubertin declared the revival of the Olympic Games and the creation of the International Olympic Committee

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Sachplakat - Object Poster

One product oversized, the name of the company, high quality paper and bright colors beautifully printed in stone-lithography.

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The absolute Master

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A poster must carry in itself the solution to 3 problems: optical, graphic and poetic."
Cassandre in his “Notes” 1935.

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'The Father of modern advertising'

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All on board! The train is leaving!

The Swiss Federal Railways has developed from unpromising beginnings into one of the most advanced passengers and freight networks in the world.

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The Lunar Mission

The original NASA printed photographs for OMEGA watches.

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The Funny Side

Humour has been used from the beginning of poster history, in particular around the turn of the last century and then again after WW2.

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Mens sana in corpore sano

Train your body


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In collaboration with "World Circus, Geneva 2010", we are pleased to present an exhibition of vintage original posters on the circus world.

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King Kong

Produced by RKO in 1933, this movie by Edgar Wallace and Merian Cooper, is considered as the ultimate chef d'oeuvre in the history of Suspense and Horror movies.


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Wintersport in Switzerland

Original Poster Exhibition
Opening the 29th of January 2014


They relive one hundred years of skiing and winter pastimes in Switzerland.
A unique occasion to discover and also to buy these rare original posters.



A selection of 25 Wintersport vintage posters are exhibited in the gallery.
160 Swiss posters, from 1900 to 2000, are available at the Gallery and on-line.


                                                                       » Wintersport Worldwide Exhibition 2014
                                                                       » Vintage Winter exhibition 2014
                                                                       » Ski story

Put your skis on and enjoy:


Enjoy each region of the Swiss Alps 

» Valais Wallis

» Gstaad   


» Engadin      » St.Moritz

» Davos         » Silvaplana


» Rigi


Winter in Switzerland


Bravo, you have just crossed the finishing line

                                                  » Wintersport Worldwide Exhibition 2014
                                                  » Vintage Winter exhibition 2014
                                                  » Ski story
                                                  » 160 available posters on Swiss Wintersport

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